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Modern Shower


The beauty of natural stone is that no two pieces are exactly alike. Your piece of stone is a unique piece of art forged by mother nature over centuries using heat, pressure, and immense amounts of natural minerals. Note that even the same type of stone is slightly different from each other. When you plan to remodel your kitchen, the best way to make your kitchen counter top  look exactly as you want is to pick them out by yourself in our well stocked stone warehouse. Our staff will be happy to help you. You can order and even pick up your favorite pieces of stones on the same day.


We have three sizes of counter top and four sizes of island to meet your needs. 


Island (3 side edges): 16 x 96, 28 x 96, 36 x 96, 52 x 96 (OD, Inch)

counter top (1 or 2 side  edges): 26 x 96, 26 x 108, 26 x 114, 26 x 120 (OD, inch)

For the side finish of the counter top, we have three choices:

  • Standard with no side edge

  • Right handed edge

  • Left handed edge

Granite Selection

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