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We will help you step by step.


Free 3 D Kitchen Design

Each of our designers knows how to precisely design the layout of your kitchen cabinets according to the dimensions you provided. 
What to Prepare
Walk in anytime with the following dimensions:
  • Wall to wall length;
  • Ceiling Height;
  • Window Size with Trim included;
  • Wall to window trim length;
  • Appliances (Refrigerator,  dishwasher, Stove) Size
  • Wall to Stove Center
  • Type of Sink (Regular or Farm Sink)
  • Type of Hood (Under-Cab or Microwave Hood)
Draw a rough draft of your kitchen or bathroom for your designer to understand where the walls are. Photos would help, too.
If you are not sure about how to accurately measure your place, you can either ask your contractor to measure or you can schedule a measurement service provided by affiliated contractors.
What to Expect
After the design, you would be able to see the actual look of your kitchen like the picture shown to the right. Get a free quote right after the design today.

​Installation By a Yelp 5 Star Rated Construction Company

Z Design Construction Inc., our  affiliated construction company, is very experienced and professional. Their expertise includes counter top installation, American/European cabinet installation and much more.​ Check with our sales representatives today to receive an estimate. 
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